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DHU3.56/20TF Drywall Hanger

Simpson Strong-Tie

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G90 Galvanized
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Product Overview

DHU3.56/20TF Drywall Hanger

The DU/DHU face-mount and the DHUTF top-mount hangers are designed to carry joist floor loads to a wood stud wall through two layers of 5/8" gypsum board (drywall). These hangers install after the drywall is in place. The hangers come in sizes that accommodate most joists used in multi-family construction including I-joists and trusses.

All three fire wall hangers are code listed under ICC-ES ESR-2552.

All three fire wall hangers are fire-resistant F (flame) and T (temperature) rated in Intertek Design No. SST/WPCF 120-01


DU — 14 gauge; DHU and DHUTF — 12 gauge




Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes.

Strong-Drive SDS Heavy-Duty Connector screws are provided with the hanger.

Drywall is installed first.

DU and DHU are mounted with top of hanger flush with top of wall and tight to the drywall.

Wall top plates must be restrained to prevent rotation. Where gravity load on top of wall is less than 150 plf, use a stud plate tie connector at the back of each stud or provide equivalent restraint by another method as determined by Designer.

Upper plate splices must occur at a stud location.


The DHU may be ordered with one flange concealed for widths at least 2 1/2" wide; specify which flange when ordering. Use 74% of the table downloads and 100% of table uplift loads.

The DHU/DHUTF may be ordered skewed up to 45°. Use 75% of the table downloads and 50% of table uplift loads.

Two-Hour, Fire-Rated Wall:

Simpson Strong-Tie has completed ASTM E814 standard testing at an accredited laboratory. The use of the DU/DHU/DHUTF hangers does not reduce the two-hour, fire wall assembly rating. The hangers tested provide an F (flame) and T (temperature) rating.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review