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EMNO22-RP6 Opti-Mix Mixing Nozzle (Box of 6pcs)

Simpson Strong-Tie

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Product Overview

EMNO22-RP6 Opti-Mix Mixing Nozzle

INCLUDES Includes 6 nozzles and retaining nuts

The Optimix static mixing nozzle is specifically designed for crack injection epoxies and ensures thorough mixing of epoxy components.

For use with both low-viscosity and gel-viscosity ETI formulations. Flow regulators ensure that resin and hardener flow at equal rates and prevent mixed epoxy from flowing back out of the nozzle into the cartridge. This ensures thorough mixing and prevents mixed product from curing in the neck of the cartridge, causing blockage. Testing shows that mixing with the Optimix nozzle is 4 times more consistent than a standard spiral mixing nozzle.