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LCE4Z Light Post Cap

Simpson Strong-Tie

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G185 Zmax Galvanized
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Product Overview

LCE4Z Light Post Cap

The LCE is designed to provide a connection when the end of a beam bears on a post. The versatile, two-piece design of this light post cap for end conditions can accommodate 4x and 6x lumber. The LCE is ideal for both new and retrofit construction and is load rated when installed in pairs.

  • Always install in pairs; universal design eliminates need for rights and lefts
  • Stronger than angled nailing or screw fastening
  • Eliminates nailing into end grain
  • Tested and approved for mitered end conditions

  • LCE4 — 20 ga. (33 mil)

  • Galvanized, ZMAX® coating or stainless steel; see Corrosion Information


(No reviews yet) Write a Review