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LSCSS Adjustable Stringer Connector

Simpson Strong-Tie

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316 Stainless Steel
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Product Overview

LSCSS Adjustable Stringer Connector

The LSC adjustable stair-stringer connector offers a versatile, concealed connection between the stair stringer and the carrying header or rim board while replacing costly framing. Field slopeable to all common stair stringer pitches, the LSC connector is suitable for either solid or notched stringers.

Key Features:

Replaces additional framing and toe-nailing.

May be installed flush with the top of the carrying member (typically suitable for 2x10 or 2x12 header / rim board) or lower on the face (typically suitable for a 2x12 header / rim board).

Interchangeable for left or right applications.

LSCZ features a ZMAX coating for additional corrosion protection. Suitable for interior and some exterior applications. LSCSS is made from stainless steel for higher exposure environments. See Corrosion Information.


18 gauge


SST300 Stainless Steel


Use all specified fasteners; see table.

Before fastening, position the stair stringer with the LSC on the carrying member to verify where the bend should be located.

The fastener that is installed into the bottom edge of the stringer must go into the second-to-last hole.

When installed on 1 5/16" LVL or a 1 1/4" LSL stringer, additional items that will not affect the structural performance of the LSC, but should be considered, include the following:

— LSC stringer flange will protrude 1/4" from face of stringer. As such, it is recommended the LSC be installed with the tabs positioned to the outside of the stringer.

— 1 1/2" fasteners installed into 1 1/4" LSL stringer will protrude from the opposite side.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review