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PA28 Purlin Anchor

Simpson Strong-Tie

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G90 Galvanized
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Product Overview

PA28 Purlin Anchor

Purlin anchors offer solutions for wood-to-concrete and concrete-block connections which satisfy code requirements. The HPA offers the highest capacity in concrete. The PA’s dual-embedment line allows installation in concrete or concrete block.


PA — 12 gauge; HPA — 10 gauge


Galvanized (G90)


Use all specified fasteners; some models have extra fastener holes. See General Notes.

Purlin anchor must hook around rebar.

Allowable loads are for a horizontal installation into the side of a concrete or masonry wall.

Strap may be bent one full cycle (bent vertical 90° then bent horizontal).

PA51/PA68 — for additional length, an MST strap can be attached using 1/2" bolts through existing holes.

Refer to technical bulletin PA Foundation Straps for Uplift Resistance (T-PAUPLIFT) for additional information.

Edge Distance — minimum concrete edge distance is 5". Minimum concrete block left-to-right edge distance is 20".

Concrete Block Wall — the minimum wall specifications are:

A — one # 4 vertical rebar, 32" long, 16" each side of anchor B — two courses of grout-filled block above and below the anchor (no cold joints allowed) C — a horizontal bond beam with two #4 rebars, 40" long, a maximum of two courses above or below the anchor D — minimum masonry compressive strength, f'm = 1,500 psi


See LTT, HTT and S/LTT, S/DTT tension ties for alternate retrofit solutions


(No reviews yet) Write a Review