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PGT2Z-R Pipe Grip Tie

Simpson Strong-Tie

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G185 Zmax Galvanized
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Product Overview

PGT2Z-R Pipe Grip Tie

Our popular PGT pipe grip tie series now includes more models to meet a variety of conditions for attaching wood fence rails to metal fence posts and eliminating rotted and failed wood posts. PGT is suitable for standard applications as well as corners and splices.

The PGTIC2Z-R is an interior corner pipe grip tie.

The PGT1.5Z-R is for 1 1/2" pipe (1 7/8" outside diameter), and the PGT2Z-R is for 2" pipe (2 3/8" outside diameter).

The PGT2A is for 2" pipe (2 3/8" outside diameter).

The PGT2E is for 2" pipes and features a two-piece design that provides a solid connection between fence stringer and post.


PGT2A— 14 gauge; all others 12 gauge




Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes.

Install on vertical pipes, offsetting corners to allow for the correct rail alignment.

Use three to four PGTs per pipe; line up to stringline.

PGTIC2Z-R to Post — install two set screws (supplied) with 3/8" socket in predrilled holes.

PGTIC2Z-R to Rails — use 1/4" x 1 1/2" Strong-Drive® SDS Heavy-Duty Connector screws (not supplied).

Fasten PGT with 1/4" hex-head bolt (supplied).

PGT attach to rails with four 1/4" x 1 1/2" Strong-Drive SDS Heavy-Duty Connector screws (not supplied).

1/4" lag screws may be used. Follow the code requirements for predrilling.

Nail or screw fence boards to rails.

Field bend PGT flanges to fit corner and angled conditions (bend one time only).

Fasten to rails using PGT2E with 1/4" Strong-Drive SDS Heavy-Duty Connector screws or 1/4" lag screws (follow code requirements for predrilling).

PGT2E-R50: Sold as full carton with (50) attachment plates, (50) front straps and (55) thread-tapping screws.