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SDW22500MB SDW EWP-PLY Screw (Mini Bulk: 200pcs)

Simpson Strong-Tie

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Product Overview

SDW22500MB SDW EWP-PLY Screw (Mini Bulk: 200pcs)

The Strong-Drive SDW EWP-Ply screw is a high-strength structural screw specifically designed for fastening multi-ply wood members, such as engineered wood products and solid sawn lumber. The SDW EWP-Ply installs easily with no predrilling and is available in optimized lengths for fastening 1 3/4" engineered lumber, such as structural composite lumber (SCL). The large, flush head eases the handling of assembled girders and simplifies the installation of finishes or structural connectors. It is code listed under IAPMO-UES ER-192 and meets 2015 and 2018 IRC® and IBC® code requirements for several common wood framing and engineered-wood applications.

Key Features:

Large washer head with nibs provides maximum bearing area; stamped with the Simpson Strong-Tie

“≠” sign and fastener length for easy identification after installation (0.75" head dia.)

6-lobe, T40 drive provides positive engagement that makes the screw easy to drive and improves bit life (replacement driver bit — BIT40T-134-RC3)

Low-profile head results in less interference after installation; makes stacking and sliding members easier and allows installation of hardware and finishes to be virtually flush

Optimal screw lengths provide maximum penetration while preventing the point from protruding out the back of the member

Specific thread lengths avoids jacking

Higher shear values than competitive products enable wider spacing saving time and money

Bold thread design provides superior holding power and cinches fastened members together for consistent installation

SawTooth point ensures fast starts, reduces installation torque and eliminates the need for predrilling in most applications

Retail and mini-bulk packs include one 6-lobe, T40 driver bit; bulk packs include two driver bits

U.S. Patent: 9,523,383


Multi-ply wood members, engineered lumber products and solid sawn lumber