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SDWS22800-R50 Strong Drive Timber Screw (Box of 50pcs)

Simpson Strong-Tie

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Product Overview

SDWS22800-R50 Strong Drive Timber Screw

The Strong-Drive SDWS Timber (Interior Grade) screw – formerly, the SDWS Log screw – is a structural wood screw available in a variety of lengths and is designed for cross-laminated timber assemblies, mass timber construction, log-home construction, ledgers and general interior applications. These 0.195"- and 0.220"-diameter structural fasteners require less torque to install than comparable fasteners, and the large-diameter washer head pulls members down easily, eliminating the need to use extra washers.

Key Features

SawTooth point ensures fast starts, reduces installation torque and eliminates the need for predrilling in most applications

Serrated thread reduces splitting and damage

Large, low-profile .075"-diameter washer head with nibs provides maximum bearing area and makes countersinking easy

6-lobe, T40 drive provides positive engagement that makes the screw easy to drive and improves bit life (replacement driver bit: BIT40T-134)

Size identification on all Simpson Strong-Tie screws

US Patent: 9,523,383


Surface splines, lap joints, timber framing, ledgers, log-home construction and general interior applications

Testing in a variety of mass timber applications is underway

Product Includes - Replacement driver bit: BIT40T-134


Industry studies show that hardened fasteners can experience performance problems in wet and corrosive environments. Accordingly, use this product in dry, interior and noncorrosive environments only.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review