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S/DTT2Z Tension Tie for Cold-Formed Steel Framing

Simpson Strong-Tie

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G185 Zmax Galvanized
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Product Overview

S/DTT2Z Tension Tie for Cold-Formed Steel Framing

The HTT is a single-piece formed tension tie — no rivets, and a 4-ply formed seat. No washers are required.

S/DTT2Z tension tie is suitable for lighter-duty hold-down applications on single or back-to-back studs, and installed easily with #14 self-drilling screws.

The HTT, S/DTT and S/LTT tension ties are ideal for retrofit or new construction projects. They provide high-strength, post-pour, concrete-to-steel connections.


HTT — 111 mil (11 ga.); DTT1Z, S/DTT2Z — 68 mil (14 ga.); S/LTT20B — strap: 97 mil (12 ga.), plate: 229 mil (3 ga.)


HTT, S/LTT — galvanized; DTT1Z, S/DTT2Z — ZMAX® coating


Use all specified fasteners.

Use the specified number of type of screws to attach the strap portion to the steel stud. Bolt the base to the wall or foundation with a suitable anchor; see table for the required bolt diameter.

S/DTT2Z requires a standard-cut washer (included) be installed between the nut and the seat.

Do not install S/LTT20B raised off of the bottom track.

See SB and SSTB anchor bolts for anchorage options.

See SET-XP and AT-XP adhesive products for anchor bolt retrofit options.