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SURC46 Skewed 45 Hanger Concealed Flange

Simpson Strong-Tie

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G90 Galvanized
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Product Overview

SURC46 Skewed 45 Hanger Concealed Flange

The SUR/L1.81, 2.06, 2.1, 2.37, 2.56 and HSUR/L series are 45° skewed hangers designed specifically to ease the installation of single and double I-joists. In addition to featuring positive-angle nailing, these hangers encapsulate the top flange of the I-joist, so no web stiffeners are required for standard installation.

The full range of 45° skewed hangers feature obround nail holes on the acute side, allowing nails to be easily installed parallel to the joist. Installation is further simplified with no required bevel cuts.


SUR and SUL — 16 gauge; HSUR and HSUL — 14 gauge


Galvanized (G90)


Use all specified fasteners. See General Notes.

Illustrations show left and right skews SUR/L (SUR = skewed right; SUL = skewed left).

The joist end may be square cut or bevel cut.

Fill all round and obround nail holes with specified fasteners to achieve table loads. Where noted, triangle holes in the joist flange may be filled for additional uplift capacity.

For I-joists with flanges less than 1 5/16", web stiffeners are required for all double joist hangers when using hangers that are 14 gauge and lighter.


These hangers cannot be modified but will accommodate a 40° to 50° skewed joist.

Available with the A2 flange turned in on (2) 2x and 4x models only (see illustration in the image gallery). For example, specify HSURC410, HSULC410, SURC210-2 or SULC210-2.