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TSBR2-16 Truss Spacer-Restraint

Simpson Strong-Tie

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G90 Galvanized
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Product Overview

TSBR2-16 Truss Spacer-Restraint

The Simpson Strong-Tie TSBR truss spacer-restraint is a time-saving lateral-restraint product for wood and CFS framing that improves quality and safety while helping to meet the prescriptive recommendations of the WTCA/TPI. Easier to install than wood bracing, the TSBR firmly grips the trusses, capturing on-center spacing and keeping them vertical and plumb after placement, resulting in a better truss installation. The unique design eliminates additional time spent measuring truss spacing and laying out temporary lateral bracing. And once installed, the TSBR can remain in place to be sheathed over, thereby eliminating the need to remove temporary bracing and creating a safer, more stable work platform.

Key Features:

Enables the quick and accurate spacing of trusses without measuring or adjusting

Helps meet prescriptive temporary bracing recommendations of the BCSI

Easily "grabs" onto the truss — may be put in place with one hand

Stays in place during sheathing, saving time and making the roof more stable for workers

Installs in less time and requires less total bracing material than prescriptive wood bracing methods — reducing labor costs

The TSBR is a direct replacement for the TSB truss spacer-bracer


22 ga. (27 mil)


Galvanized (G90)


Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes.

TSBR lateral restraint locations are as recommended in Table B2-1 of SBCA/TPI BCSI or the BCSI B2 Summary Sheet. For more information see the Simpson Strong-Tie Wood Truss Bracing and Restraint Guide (F-C-TSBRTBD22).