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CCT44 Column Cap

Simpson Strong-Tie

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Product Overview

CCT44 Column Cap

Column-to-beam connections often have multiple beams framing on top of a column. L, T, and Cross column caps provide design solutions for this application. Many combinations of beam and post sizes can be manufactured with the following criteria applied:

The download capacity shall be determined from the capacity for the unmodified product (See CC/ECC/ECCU Column Caps for more information). The side beam can take a maximum of 40% of the download and shall not exceed 10,665 lbs. The sum of the loads for the side beam(s) and main beam can not exceed the table load.

Uplift loads do not apply for ECCL caps. For CCC and CCT, uplift loads from table apply for main beam only. The column width in the direction of the main beam width must be the same as the main beam width (W1).

Specify the stirrup height from the top of the cap. The minimum side stirrup heights (H2 or H3) is 6 1/2" (3 1/2" for 44's).

The L dimension may vary depending on the width of the side stirrup (W3 or W4).

Column caps may be ordered without the column straps for field welding to a column. No loads apply. Specify CCOC/CCOT/ECCOL.