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DIA256SS Drop-In Anchor (Box of 100pcs)

Simpson Strong-Tie

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316 Stainless Steel
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Product Overview

DIA256SS Drop-In Anchor

Drop-In anchors are internally threaded drop-in expansion anchors for use in flush-mount applications in solid base materials. Available in stainless steel (DIA) or short (DIAS) versions. Minimum thread engagement should be equal to the nominal diameter of the threaded insert.

Key Features:

Lipped edge (DIAS) eliminates need for precisely drilled hole depth

Hand- and power-setting tools available for fast, easy and economical installation

Fixed-depth stop bit helps you drill to the correct depth every time

Short length (DIAS) enables shallow embedment to help avoid drilling into rebar or pre-stressed/post-tensioned cables

Short drop-in anchors include a setting tool compatible with the anchor to ensure consistent installation


Stainless steel and carbon steel


Carbon steel; zinc plated


Drill a hole in the base material using the appropriate diameter carbide drill bit as specified in the table. Drill the hole to the specified embedment depth plus 1/8" for flush mounting.

Blow the hole clean using compressed air. Overhead installations need not be blown clean.

Insert designated anchor into hole. Tap with hammer until flush against surface.

Using the designated drop-in setting tool, drive expander plug toward the bottom of the anchor until shoulder of setting tool makes contact with the top of the anchor.

Minimum thread engagement should be equal to the nominal diameter of the threaded insert.


The load tables list values based upon results from the most recent testing and may not reflect those in current code reports. Where code jurisdictions apply, consult the current reports for applicable load values.

Oversized holes will make it difficult to set the anchor and will reduce the anchor's load capacity.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review