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EIP-EZAKT E-Z Click (Stiff-Flange) Flush Mount Injection Port Kit

Simpson Strong-Tie

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Product Overview

EIP-EZAKT E-Z-Click (Stiff-Flange) Flush Mount Injection Port Kit

INCLUDES - 20 E-Z Click flush-mount injection ports and 1 E-Z-Click injection fitting (compatible with all Simpson Strong-Tie paste-overs)

The E-Z-Click injection system is composed of a specially designed fitting and ports that take the mess out of your repair project while allowing you to work faster. The E-Z-Click injection fitting installs onto the end of the Optimix® mixing nozzle and clicks onto the E-Z-Click ports during injection.

  • Positive connection eliminates messy leakage, minimizing waste and clean-up.
  • No drilling of ports: E-Z-Click ports perform while pasted to the surface of the concrete. No drilling required for most applications.
  • Disconnect the fitting from the E-Z-Click port and the epoxy stops flowing, no leaky mess.
  • After injecting, pull the head of the E-Z-Click port out to close it and prevent leakage.
  • One person can work faster without having to hold the tube on the port.