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MSTD5 Marriage Strap

Simpson Strong-Tie

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G90 Galvanized
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Product Overview

MSTD5 Marriage Strap

The MSTD marriage strap provides an overlapping, in-line splice between an HTT tension tie and a CMSTC16 coiled strap for panelized-roof applications where the roof member adjacent to the wall is too short to develop the required load into the roof diaphragm. The MSTD provides continuity of load without the need to splice the CMSTC16 alongside the HTT which requires additional blocking. Use MSTD4 with HTT4 and MSTD5 with HTT5.


16 gauge


Galvanized (G90)


Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes

The CMSTC and HTT must be spliced end-to-end without any gap

Suitable for use with both 10d and 16d sinker nailing options for the HTT and CMSTC as specified per the Designer

To install: – Position HTT over the framing (do not install fasteners yet) – Align CMSTC16 with the end of the HTT – Position MSTD over the two connectors so that nail holes align correctly – Install specified fasteners, filling all nail holes