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SDW22638 SDW TRUSS-PLY Screw (Bulk Quantity: 500pcs)

Simpson Strong-Tie

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Product Overview

SDW22638 SDW TRUSS-PLY Screw (Bulk Quantity: 500pcs)

The Strong-Drive SDW Truss-Ply screw is a high-strength structural wood screw specifically designed for fastening multi-ply wood members, such as joining plated trusses and solid-sawn lumber. The SDW installs easily with no predrilling and is available in optimized lengths for fastening 2-, 3- and 4-ply trusses. With the SDW Truss-Ply screw, multi-ply trusses and components can be fastened from one side without requiring the lifting and flipping of heavy assemblies. It is code listed in IAPMO UES ER-192 and meets 2018 and 2021 IRC® and IBC® code requirements for most common wood framing applications with wood and engineered wood.

Key Features

  • Large washer head with nibs provides maximum bearing area; stamped with the Simpson Strong-Tie “≠” sign and fastener length for easy identification after installation
  • 6-lobe, T40 drive provides positive engagement that makes the screw easy to drive and improves bit life (replacement driver bit — BIT40T-134-R2)
  • Low-profile head results in less interference after installation; makes stacking and sliding members easier and allows installation of hardware and finishes to be virtually flush
  • Higher shear values than competitive products enable wider spacing, saving time and money
  • Bold thread design provides superior holding power and cinches fastened members together for consistent installation
  • SawTooth® point ensures fast starts, reduces installation torque and eliminates the need for predrilling in most applications
  • Retail and mini-bulk packs include one 6-lobe, T40 driver bit; bulk packs include two driver bits


  • Truss-ply fastening


(No reviews yet) Write a Review