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CBH2.37X5.5C-KT Concealed Beam Hanger

Simpson Strong-Tie

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Product Overview

CBH2.37X5.5C-KT Concealed Beam Hanger

Computer modeling and CNC manufacturing enables glulam to be delivered to the jobsite in precise lengths and with preinstalled concealed hangers. The CBH concealed beam hanger is specifically designed for such applications, and is installed with readily available Simpson Strong-Tie® SDS Heavy-Duty Connector screws. The CBH has been tested for inter-story drift and has achieved 1-hr and 2-hr fire resistance ratings according to ASTM E119.

Key Features

  • Code-listed per ICC-ESR-2552.
  • Concealed for architectural aesthetics and fire-rated performance.
  • Multiple router options to suit jobsite needs.
  • +/- 1/32" beam length tolerance on each end enables easier installation.
  • 1-hr and 2-hr fire resistance ratings per ASTM E119.
  • Seismic deformation compatibility -- Recommended for use at beam-to-beam connections in any Seismic Design Category. At beam-to-column connections, see L-C-CBHDRIFT for more information.


  • 3 ga.


  • Electro-galvanized. May be ordered as HDG.


  • A 1/8" minimum to 1/4" maximum gap is recommended between the carried and carrying members to prevent wood-wood binding during field assembly. Fire sealant is required at the CBH connection location when considering fire resistance. See C-C-MASSTIMBER for intumescent details.
  • Do not overdrive SDS screws during fastener installation.
  • Predrilling lead holes for the SDS screws is recommended if wood members tend to split or if driving the SDS fasteners properly at 90 degrees to the face of the wood member is difficult due to wood grain resistance. Lead holes for the SDS screws shall be 5/32" diameter.
  • Rout carried and/or carrying member according to application needs. The minimum recommended rout width and length is 1/16" larger than the tabulated part dimensions. The recommended corner radius is 1/4". The back plates must seat flush against the surfaces to which they are being fastened. For installation clearance, an additional 1/8" deep rout allowing for the CBH stud head is recommended in the supporting beam/column face (see figures).
  • Install CBH plates on carried and carrying members using all specified SDS fasteners.
  • Mate carried member to carrying member according to installation illustrations.
  • Note that the tolerances for glulam finished dimensions provided within CSA 0122 for Canada, and ANSI 117 for the United States, may not provide adequate squareness and depth consistency required to ensure problem-free field installation. To achieve a problem free installation, glulam producers are advising that both beam and column members should be designed with a 1/4" (6mm) undersize in depth and 1/8" (3 mm) in width (eg: 5 1/8" x 12" beam becomes 5" x 11 3/4"), so that more aggressive planing can be used to achieve the desired squareness and depth tolerances needed for this hanger. In addition, it is suggested to avoid cambered beams with this hanger, and instead design deeper or wider beams to control deflection.


  • Connection has been load-rated for two different screw lengths in the carrying member
  • Joist can be connected to carrying members made of wood, steel, concrete, or grout-filled CMU
  • Double connectors can be used on a single carried beam end for increased connection capacity (see load table footnotes)