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HF36N Panelized Construction Hanger

Simpson Strong-Tie

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G90 Galvanized
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Product Overview

HF36N Panelized Construction Hanger

The HF24N, HF26N, HF34N and HF36N hangers are designed for panels or components using jigs or similar devices for precision fabrication. Grip-groove feature provides positive lock into the 2x or 3x member without nailing. F-series panel hangers are engineered components for panelized construction only.


18 gauge


Galvanized (G90)


Standard Installation:

Use all specified fasteners in pre-manufactured holes; see General Notes.

On the F-series hanger, the diamond hole nail is non-structural and does not contribute to the load.

For additional information on retrofit options see flier RUZ/NRUZ Retrofit U Hangers for Panelized Roof Construction (F-C-RUZNRUZ).

Panelized Installation:

Installing two nails through sheathing in middle of hanger achieves full load. See product illustrations for fastener location requirements. See technical bulletin HF24N and HF26N Panelized Roofing Hangers (T-C-HFHANGER) for alternate nailing and allowable load adjustments.