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MTW45-8-R10 Mass-Timber Angled Washer (Box of 10pcs)

Simpson Strong-Tie

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G90 Galvanized
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Product Overview

MTW45-8-R10 Mass-Timber Angled Washer (Box of 10pcs)

Inclined screws greatly increase the strength and stiffness of mass timber connections. The Simpson Strong-Tie® MTW45-8 is designed for use with a wide variety of 10 gauge–33 ksi connection plates and 8 mm-diameter Simpson Strong-Tie Strong-Drive® SDCF Timber-CF screws driven at a 45º angle.

Key Features

Recessed hole provides a clean finish with the SDCF countersunk head

Guides screw to an accurate 45º angle

High capacity reduces number of screws required in a connection

Material: ASTM A27, Grade 70–40

Finish: Galvanized


Use all specified MTW45-8 washers and Strong-Drive SDCF Timber-CF screws.

Minimum connector plate is 10 gauge (0.126" minimum thickness), with ASTM A653 SS Grade 33, or ASTM A1011 Grade 36, Type 2.

Fabricate plates with obround holes as given in the installation images. If plates are galvanized after holes are punched, oversize holes to account for galvanized thickness.

Insert MTW45-8 into obround holes and drive Strong-Drive SDCF Timber-CF screws at a 45º angle in the direction specified by the designer. Countersunk screw heads shall be fully seated into MTW45-8 screw hole.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review