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THD75500H4SS Titen Screw Anchor (Box of 5pcs)

Simpson Strong-Tie

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304 Stainless Steel
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Product Overview

THD75500H4SS Titen Screw Anchor (Box of 5pcs)

Drill it. Drive it. Forget it.

Titen HD screw anchors are a trusted anchor solution because they offer the performance that specifiers need and the ease of installation that contractors demand. The Titen HD stainless-steel screw anchor for concrete and masonry sets the new standard for when the job calls for installation in multiple types of environments. It is the ultimate choice to provide fast and efficient installation, combined with long-lasting corrosion resistance for an unsurpassed peace-of-mind.

Innovative Design — The serrated carbon-steel threads on the tip of the stainless-steel Titen HD are vital because they undercut the concrete as the anchor is driven into the hole, making way for the rest of the threads to interlock with the concrete. In order for these threads to be durable enough to cut into the concrete, they are formed from carbon steel that is then hardened and brazed onto the tip of the anchor.

Corrosion Resistant — For dry, interior applications, carbon-steel corrosion is not a risk, but in any kind of exterior, coastal or chemical environment the anchor would be susceptible to corrosion. With the introduction of the THDSS, there is a state-of-the-art anchor solution that combines the corrosion resistance of Type 300 Series stainless steel with the undercutting ability of heat-treated carbon-steel cutting threads.

Type 300 Series stainless-steel screw anchors have different corrosion-resistant properties for different environments. When matched to the appropriate environment and application, anchors made from Type 300 Series stainless steel will resist the effects of corrosion and maintain their strength and integrity. Type 316 is the optimal choice for applications in corrosive or extreme environments such as salt water, or when chemical or corrosive solutions are present. Type 304 is a cost-effective solution for less extreme applications where the environment may be wet, moist or damp.

Key Features THDSS stainless-steel screw anchor available in 5/8" and 3/4" diameters, in addition to the 3/8" and 1/2" sizes

Ideal for exterior or corrosive environments

Less carbon steel, less expansion

Installs with an impact wrench or by hand tool

Code listed in IAPMO UES ER-493 (concrete) and ICC-ES ESR-1056 (masonry)

Tested per ACI355.2 and AC193


Type 316 and Type 304 stainless steel with carbon-steel lead