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THD37212H Titen Mini Screw Anchor (Box of 50pcs)

Simpson Strong-Tie

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Zinc Plated
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Product Overview

THD37212H Titen Mini Screw Anchor

Sharing the same features as the larger Titen HD screw anchor, the Titen HD Mini anchor provides an easy solution for jobs that call for smaller anchors. The self-undercutting, non-expansion characteristics are ideal for situations where minimum edge distance and reduced spacing is a concern. The patented cutting teeth and thread design enable the Titen HD Mini anchor to be installed quickly and with less effort than many other screw type anchors. Since there are no secondary setting steps involved, the Titen HD Mini screw anchor can be installed much more quickly than traditional expansion anchors.


Full-length threads undercut the concrete and effectively transfer loads into the base material.

Specialized heat-treating process creates high hardness at the tip to facilitate cutting while the body remains ductile.

Less spacing and edge distance required since the anchor does not exert expansion forces

No special installation tools required. Holes can be drilled with rotary hammer or hammer drill with ANSI size bit. Anchors are installed with standard size sockets.

Less installation time translates to lower installed cost.

Removable, ideal for temporary anchorage.


Carbon steel, heat treated


Zinc plated


See below.

Test Criteria:

The Titen HD Mini anchor has been tested in accordance with ASTM E488 standard test methods for tension and shear