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FH05 Crack-Pac Flex-H2O Polyurethane Crack Sealer 5Gal Bulk

Simpson Strong-Tie

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Product Overview

FH05 Crack-Pac Flex-H2O Polyurethane Crack Sealer 5Gal Bulk

The Crack-Pac Flex-H2O polyurethane injection resin seals leaking cracks, voids or fractures from 1/32" to 1/4" wide in concrete or solid masonry. Designed to perform in applications where water is seeping or mildly leaking from the crack, the polyurethane is packaged in the cartridge and an accelerator is packaged in the nozzle. When the resin encounters water as it is injected into the crack, it becomes an expanding foam that provides a flexible seal in leaking and non-leaking cracks.

  • Can be dispensed with a standard caulking tool
  • Can also be used on dry cracks if water is introduced to affected area
  • Can be used with a reduced amount or without accelerator to slow down reaction time
  • Expands to fill voids and seal the affected area
  • Fast reacting — reaction begins within 1 minute after exposure to moisture; expansion may be completed within 3 minutes (depending on the amount of moisture and the ambient temperature)
  • 20:1 expansion ratio (unrestricted rise) means less material needed

  • Polyurethane — clear, accelerator — green, cured — green